SWPPP Monitoring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASJB/Empire’s engineers, technicians and inspectors are available for different levels of storm water assignments, depending on your particular project’s needs. SJB/Empire is able to provide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and is also available to monitor those plans once they have been implemented into the job site. SWPPP’s are required for any disturbance of 1 acre or more of soil, even if not all of the soil is exposed at one time. SWPPP’s are also required for both commercial and residential projects.

We are available to provide SWPPP Monitoring and Inspection for the duration of your construction project. Our SWPPP inspectors also document any deficiencies that require maintenance or corrective action and ensure the proper adjustments are made.

Infiltration Testing

SJB/Empire is also available for storm water infiltration testing. According to the 2003 New York State Storm Water Management Design Manual, test borings and infiltration tests must be completed on site to determine both initial feasibility of the site soils for drainage and to test the concept design, so that your project remains in compliance with the State’s requirements.

Stormwater Prevention Pollution Plan SWPPP

Site Recommendations

Our staff determines whether or not the site is suitable and makes recommendations based upon the findings of the test borings and infiltration tests so that your project remains in compliance with the State’s requirements.