Geotechnical Laboratory

Empire Geo Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
SJB offers a complement of geotechnical tests for rock, soil-bentonite mixes, and other construction materials. SJB can perform testing on undisturbed samples or can remold samples to meet project specifications. We routinely perform permeability, strength, consolidation, index/identification, and specialty testing.

Geotechnical Laboratory Capabilities:

  • Permeability- undisturbed and remolded(ASTM D-5084)
  • Consolidation (ASTM D-2435)
  • Triaxial shear (ASTM D-4767)
  • Grain size analysis (ASTM C-136/C-117
  • Moisture-density relationship – proctor (ASTM D-1557/D-698)
  • California bearing ratio (ASTM D-1883)
  • Hydrometer tests (ASTM D-421/D-422)
  • Atterberg limits (ASTM D-4318)
  • Unconfined compression (ASTM D-2166)
  • Organic content (ASTM D-2974)
  • pH (ASTM D-4972)
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing BuffaloSoil classification (ASTM D-2487/D-2488)
  • Moisture content (ASTM D-2216)
  • Specific gravity (ASTM C-127/C-128/D-854)
  • Relative density- max/min- (ASTM D-4253/D-4254)
  • Geomembrane Peel and shear testing (ASTM D-6392)
  • Plate bearing and pile load testing
  • Soil and Aggregate qualification testing (ASTM C-33)
    • Gradation
    • Soundness
    • LA abrasion
  • Swell Test (ASTM D-4546)