Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineers Empire GeoSJB / Empire goes to great lengths to provide accurate and dependable data, and to determine the appropriate geotechnical design and construction solutions for your project. Our drill rigs perform the full range of subsurface exploration, instrumentation and site testing services. Our experienced team of professional geotechnical engineers, geologists and technicians provides comprehensive site investigation services, resulting in an accurate representation of the soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions beneath a given project.

Facilities and Equipment:

SJB/Empire maintains the largest geotechnical laboratory facilities in upstate New York. We also maintain testing facilities and equipment at three of our principal office locations, allowing for the comprehensive testing of soil and rock samples.

Geotechnical Soil Samples

Geotechnical laboratory testing services include everything from routine classification and index tests to sophisticated triaxial shear, permeability and consolidation tests. Our services also include testing concrete, masonry, structural steel, fireproofing, asphalt, roofing and aggregates.

Geotechnical Engineering Projects:

Empire has extensive project experience throughout New York State (Buffalo, Rochester, Cortland, Albany.) These projects have varied in size and scope, including residential developments, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, retaining walls, dams, solid waste facilities, port and harbor facilities, transmission towers, highways and airport pavements, as well as other civil engineering works.

Geotechnical Computer CapabilitiesWe have a full complement of engineering analysis computer software and reference material available to assist in evaluation and design of the above systems. Our engineers can prepare estimates of probable construction costs for geotechnical related construction items.

Geotechnical Engineering Services Include:

  • Building Foundations
  • Bridge and Culvert Structure Foundations
  • Transmission, Communication and Wind Farm Tower Foundations
  • Water Storage Tank Foundations
  • Foundations for Various Infrastructure Facilities
  • Shallow Foundations, including Spread and Mat Foundations
  • Deep Foundations, including Drilled Piers (Caissons), Driven Piles, Micro-Piles, Helical Piles, and Pressure-Injected Footings
  • Cantilever and Gravity Retaining Walls
  • Flexible and Rigid Pavement Design
  • Earth Dam Stability Analysis and Design
  • Slope Stability Evaluations and Stabilization Solutions
  • Creek, River and Waterfront Protection
  • Excavation Shoring and Foundation Underpinning
  • Landfill Liners and Final Cover Systems
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Reinforced and Mechanically Stabilized Earth Structures
  • Temporary and Permanent Subsurface Dewatering / Drainage Systems
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Structure and Site Settlement Monitoring Programs
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Forensic Investigations, including Settlement and Subsidence Analysis