• Subsurface Investigations

    Subsurface Investigations

    A fleet of over 10 drill rigs serving the Northeast by utilizing various drilling methods, such as Geoprobe, hollow stem auger, solid stem auger, mud rotary, air rotary, angle drilling, barge/platform, ODEX, conventional, and wireline drilling.

  • Special Inspections

    Special Inspections

    In accordance with the New York State Building Code / Chapter 17 (January 2010) – Qualified “Special Inspectors” monitor materials and workmanship on project sites, submit timely documentation of compliance or non-compliance with construction documents, relevant codes and reference standards, and disclose any discrepancies which were properly corrected.

  • Materials Testing

    Materials Testing

    Monitoring and testing of earthwork, geosynthetics, concrete, reinforcing steel, asphalt, structural steel, pile installation, roofing systems, and fireproofing

  • Geotechnical Engineering

    Geotechnical Engineering

    Geotechnical engineering for site development and subsurface infrastructure; including engineering and consulting from the planning and feasibility phase, through the design phase and construction monitoring and testing phase.

  • Geotechnical Laboratory

    Geotechnical Laboratory

    SJB offers a complement of geotechnical laboratory tests for rock, soil-bentonite mixes, and other construction materials. SJB can perform geotechnical testing on undisturbed samples or can remold samples to meet project specifications.

  • Environmental Services

    Environmental Services

    Services include environmental site assessments, asbestos air monitoring, solid waste facility design and construction services groundwater resource studies and monitoring programs, soil and water contamination evaluations, remediation investigation and feasibility studies, system design, installation, construction, and performance monitoring, permitting and regulatory agency interfacing.

  • Forensic Investigations

    Forensic Investigations

    Investigation, testing and observation of existing structures and roadways to determine the existing engineering parameters of the construction materials and/or reasons for failure.



    SJB/Empire’s engineers, technicians and inspectors are available for different levels of storm water assignments, depending on your particular project’s needs.

  • Fenestration Testing

    Fenestration Testing

    SJB Routinely Performs air infiltration and water penetration testing of windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls and skylights.




SJB Services, Inc., with its subsidiary Empire Geo-Services, Inc. is a full service geotechnical and environmental testing and consulting company operating four offices in New York State – Buffalo, Henrietta (Rochester), Cortland and Albany. A multi-disciplinary organization with a team of over 100 personnel, including engineers, geologists, environmental scientists, hydrogeologists, technicians, drillers, and administrative staff, SJB/Empire offers subsurface exploration, geotechnical and environmental engineering and consulting, environmental remediation, materials testing, special inspection services, geotechnical laboratory testing, nondestructive metallurgical testing, forensic/failure investigation, and building envelope fenestration services (air infiltration & water penetration testing).